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Tiny Changes = Big Results

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

We understand that training at home presents entirely unique challenges compared to our InStudio training. However, like InStudio, the programs need to be tailored around your unique needs and goals. If you’re finding it difficult to stick to a routine during this extraordinary time, perhaps we need to get creative.

It’s not merely about what you should do, it’s about what you can (and will) do consistently. We have been delivering exercise programming for multiple decades and my biggest take-a-way is that there is no one size fits all exercise routine. It’s about what works best in the moment. Instead of looking for 30 minutes to perform your entire workout, spread it out over the day. Look for exercise triggers. For instance:

· Perform a plank for 15 seconds every time you enter the living room

· Do 5 push-ups each time you leave the bathroom

· Use commercials as an opportunity to alternate between 10 crunches and 10 squats

· At 10 AM walk up and down your stairs 5 times

Find your exercise (or any positive behavior) trigger and put it into practice. Make it achievable and easily repeatable, without getting caught up with perfection. Tiny changes now can turn into big transformations down the road. The point is to start small, even very small with any positive behavioral change. If it works, keep doing it and if it doesn’t work, swap it out for something else. After these exercises (behaviors) become habit you can build upon it like bricks to build a house.

What healthy activity can you add into your life right now that would be easy to commit to on a regular basis? Start small, succeed and build from there… and try to enjoy the journey.

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