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Virtual Training - Thank you Bonnie and Dan

The gym/personal training community has been scrambling to find the right platform and get their training online. I too have been scouring the web and communicating with other industry resources to see how I could best serve my clientele remotely. While my research did provide me with many ideas that I am gradually trying to implement, I am deeply grateful to clients Bonnie and Dan for convincing me to train them via FaceTime.

Truth be told, I am an equipment snob and had my concerns about being able to provide an effective workout with limited training tools. I’m very pleased to say that both training sessions went markedly better than expected. I left both sessions feeling it was clearly possible to provide a very effective workout remotely. So my sincere thanks to both you for having the confidence in me to train you remotely and inspiring me to move forward with this critical piece of virtual training.

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