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Evidence Based Training

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Evidence Based Training is a practice of exercise that relies on research, science, feedback, and experience to determine protocols and program design for safe, effective and predictable outcomes. Practices that are not evidence-based usually rely on tradition, intuition, or other unproven methods and tend to be risky with minimal results. The industry may never rid itself from emotionally driven, unfounded exercise practices, but the truth will always be in the science.


We put a high value on the scientific method and well-designed, peer reviewed research. Research can give us direction and provide an outline for action. However, research typically provides us with expected outcomes on a bell-shaped curve which means there will be individual outliers. The research provides us with invaluable direction, but we still need adapt the program to the individual if we are to achieve the best results.


Your unique needs and goals drive the training, but adjusting for the dynamic conditions of life will steer us through the winding roads. Communications between you and your trainer are paramount to optimizing the program design.


All successful training programs will require frequent fine-tuning. Your trainer will manipulate all the different variables to make sure the workouts are always in harmony with you.

This feedback loop allows us to intelligently make any necessary changes to your exercise program for your continued success.

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