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Make Your Home Workouts More Effective

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

After finally getting my feet wet with my first few virtual training sessions, I am much more excited about introducing remote training into the list of EVOLVEEXERCISE services. To this point, I have only used FaceTime and only for 1-on1 sessions, but I am also looking into

Zoom and other conferencing services. If anyone has any recommendations, thoughts or concerns please let me know (516-749-4991).

My single biggest concern about training people at home was how I was going to maintain muscular balance with limited equipment. The answer is with creative programming. There are many ways to customize almost any exercise to fit your level of strength and experience.

Some very useful protocols are:

  • Static Contraction Training - Holding a fixed resistance motionless for a given period of time.

  • Time Static Contraction - Applying muscular force against an immovable object

  • Negative Only Training - Performing just the lowering of a resistance to a slow 10 second count

  • Negative Emphasis Training - Performing a normal positive (lifting of the resistance) and then lowering the resistance to a slow 10 second count.

  • Super Slow - performing both the positive (lifting) and negative (lowering) repetition to a slow/smooth 10 second count for a total of 20+ seconds per rep.

  • 30-10-30 - Starting the repetition with an extremely slow negative (lowering) of 30 seconds, followed by 10 normal repetitions (2 second lift/3 second lowering) and finish with another 30 second negative.

There are certainly many exercise/repetition protocols that can be incorporated into your home workout, but the point is "You can have a kick-butt workout at home!". So, don't let social distancing stop you from having a great workout.

As always, call me with any questions or thoughts about staying fit at home. Thank you!

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