Our clients learn to optimize results with brief bouts of intense muscular effort and impeccable exercise form.

Back in 1993 we noticed a need for quality personal training and opened up our studio in Merrick, New York. At the time our 30 minute workout was a radical concept; the industry seemed to be fixed on 1 hour workouts and here we come telling everyone to cut it in half… “Quality over Quantity” was or battle cry.

Our program was based on the principles of Arthur Jones and Nautilus Sports/Medical Industries, which preached Intense, Brief and Infrequent workouts. Our clients learned to work very hard, while always maintaining impeccable form. These workouts were not only more efficient and safe, but they were more effective than the typical, longer workouts.

Fast forward to 2011 and we have found that 20 minutes 2-3 times per week seem to work best for most and we even have 10 minutes workouts for our more advanced clientele. Brief, intense workouts are not for everyone, they take mental toughness and the desire to put forth maximum effort, but our members know the results are worth it.